Nice and Simple! Our laundry plans are all-inclusive.
No additional fees for special detergents or special requests.


  • Comforter (Twin) $15.00
  • Comforter (Double) $15.00
  • Comforter (Queen): $20.00
  • Comforter (King): $20.00

Bedding and Rugs

  • Bedspread: $8.00
  • Blanket: $10.00
  • Mattress Cover: $10.00
  • Pillow: $5.00
  • Small Rug: $5.00
  • Large Rugs: $10.00

Applicable sales tax applies.

Large household and bedding items will be removed before weighing and billed on a per-piece basis.
A $5.00 up-charge will be applied to all down comforters.
For a complete list of large bedding items, comforters and dry cleaning, click here.
There is a minimum order size of $30.00.

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