Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Fort Thomas, KY

Fort Thomas, Kentucky

kentucky signA city rich with American history, Fort Thomas can take you back in time. Settled in the early 1800’s, it played a vital role in the Civil War due to its location on the Ohio River. Fort Thomas sits directly across from Cincinnati and is now called home by many families and small businesses.

Laundry Pickup Service

Particular about how you want your laundry done but tired of doing it (over and over and over) yourself? Look no further than Laundry Magician! We offer pickup & delivery laundry service in Fort Thomas, KY. Our laundry service is personalized and fully customizable. You can choose everything from detergents, dry sheets and fabric softeners (including eco-friendly and fragrance-free options) to how you like your clothes folded.

Your next laundry day can easily be scheduled online. Tell us when to pick up your laundry and we will be there. So if you live in Fort Thomas, KY, sign up with Laundry Magician and take laundry off of your to-do list!

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