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Cincinnati is located on the Ohio River and takes up the most southwestern corner of the state. Over 300,000 call the beautiful city of Cincinnati home and the greater metropolitan area holds more than 2 million people. The area is most famously known for having the oldest ballpark and the second oldest zoo in the country. To this day, the Great American Ball Park and the Cincinnati Zoo are at the top of sites to see for residents and travelers.

It was a large group of German immigrants who settled in the area that gave Cincinnati its start. The area takes great pride in its German heritage and you can see the influence in residential and commercial architecture.

There is also much to do in the city, with your pick of shops, restaurants, art and music venues, museums and parks. It has one of the fastest growing economies in the US, with low unemployment rates and lower average cost of living.

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Why spend your weekends filled with washing clothes when there are so many other fun things to do? Laundry Magician offers laundry pickup and delivery service in Cincinnati, OH. We’ll do your laundry for you, so you can spend time doing the more important things in life. Instead of lugging clothes up and down the stairs or to and from the laundromat, you can fill your off time with shopping, sports and making memories with friends and family.

At Laundry Magician, we will pick up your laundry free of charge, wash/dry/fold your clothes how you want and deliver them to your door the next day. It’s that easy!

So if you live in Cincinnati, OH, why not give Laundry Magician a try?

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