Dry Cleaning

Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaners in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area

Next Day Drop Off ・ Free Pick Up & Delivery

Laundry Magician is now offering eco-friendly dry cleaning service in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky areas. That’s right, our top-rated laundry service now includes pickup and delivery of your dry cleaning! We are one of the only eco-friendy dry cleaners in the area.

The best part? We are offering NEXT DAY RETURNS for dry cleaned items.

Schedule a pickup whenever you need it, or sign up for weekly service and never worry about laundry again.


Professional Laundry

Men’s Shirts Laundered  & Pressed-$2.99

Ladies Blouses Laundered  & Pressed-$2.99

Men’s Shirts Laundered  & Pressed & Boxed-$3.49

Dry Cleaning

All Pants-$7.99

2pc Suit-$15.98

3pc Suit-$22.97

Blazer/Suit Coat-$7.99



Men’s Shirt-$5.99

Short Skirt-$7.99

Long Skirt-$8.99


Jumpsuit Short-$13.99

Jumpsuit Long-$17.99


Household Dry Cleaning


Bedspreads or Duvets-$16.00-$24.00



Cushion Covers-$8.00-$16.00



Sleeping Bags-$15.00-$20.00

Coats/Jackets Dry Cleaning

Wool Coat Short-$9.99

Wool Coat Long-$14.99

Puffer Jacket/Vest-$8.99

Zip-Up Coat-$8.99

3/4 Trench Coat-$8.99

Heavy Down Short Coat-$14.99

Heavy Down Long Coat-$16.00

 Coat Liner-$8.00

Leather Coats-$45.00

About The Dry Cleaning Process

 The entire dry cleaning process uses enzyme based, biodegradable detergents that are safe for the environment.  The toxic chemical perc in not ever used when cleaning your items. This process leaves your clothes odor-free and your conscious guilt-free!

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